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Welcome to Beyond Death, 
                        A fairly relaxed guild based out of Emerald Dream, Kinda a jack of all trades but master of none.  We are looking forward to getting into the new Cata content as fast as possible in regaurds to pvp (Rated BattleGrounds), as well as 10M and hopefully some day 25M raiding.  Currently we are seeking members who are willing to put forth some Real effort to help further the guild in both aspects, our raid days are going to be tuesday thru thursday nights from 8-11pm server time.  Looking for mature adult members who arent going to go QQ every 30 sec or get all pissy when things arent working, out but will look for a solution to the problem and try to help one another.

                Simply put, if u arent willing to put in work, or are looking for just another cookie cutter guild where u can just jump into a raid spot raiding day 1 this probly isent the place for you. Its a comunity of friends looking to further ourselves as well as one another, wile of course beating the ally noobs into a pulp along the way.  If you need anymore information on the matters of joining seek the attention of Lithdoria online.
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